Tzafririm: Gallery, Tourism & Nature

Tzafririm is located in the Elah Valley.

It is a spectacular place, surrounded by nature reserves and many parks.

  • The Gallery Entrance
  • Entrance
  • Kakadu - entrance
  • Fields of the Elah Valley
  • Sea of wheat
  • The road to the Adulam Forest nature reserve
  • Parking
  • The giant, ancient carob tree in the reserve
  • The only pyramid in Israel! “Nefesh” (Soul) in the language of the Talmud
  • Rolling stone at entrance to cave from Bar Kochba era
  • Sarcophagus
  • Sarcophagi (stone coffins) in the burial cave
  • Interior arrangement of graves in the burial cave
  • 2,500-year-old wine press
  • Zafririm fields
  • Flight of the stork over the fields of Tzafririm
  • Dusk in the Adulam Forest nature reserve