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Reut Shahar–   The New Personal Collection: Sculptures That Create an Ambience

About the Artist: Reut Shaharis a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and founder of the

Kakadu Company for wood-based design and art.

 Reut has created many and varied artistic means of expression, and has had exhibits of her work in museums, galleries and international symposiums. She has also planned and implemented unique projects in which she always combined sculpture and painting by hand, in both creating the product and designing its space. Her works are recognized and sold in Israel and abroad.

“The artist’s physical touch is very important in my opinion, both for creating my

direct personal connection with the creation, and for creating the connection between the viewer and the object.

 I believe that art can and should serve man and his environment, as well as support an ambience that’s more optimistic, dynamic, personal, touching and creative. Through the process by which people select art pieces that speak to them on a personal level, they themselves become creators who reshape and influence their own lives in a more active manner. In the globalized, industrialized and branded world we live in today, the unique and artistic product nourishes the soul and awakens inspiration, happiness and love.”


In the new collection, Reut fashions items that perfectly combine functionality with manual craftsmanship and illustration.

The collection comprises decorative wall hangings, sculptural furniture, sculpted vases and containers, candlesticks, birds, and various three-dimensional objects to hang and display.

Reutis personally involved in every step of the creative process, along with a group of expert assistants who work with her in perfect harmony.

The studio is located in Israel, in the unique Adulam nature preserve in Moshav Tzafririm in the Elah Valley.

The studio also offers guided tours as well as workshops for groups and families that are given using a method that Reut developed, called “Every Person is a Born Artist.” They are intended for all people of all ages, with no need for a background or training in art.